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We have a successful history of providing efficient service to our customers by creating a convenient way to send and receive hard-earned money for the family. As the customer is our main priority, we are very glad to serve our customer and satisfying them with great service.

Fast Transfer

Our easy to use the system will process quickly and send your money in real-time.

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We provide reliable transfer of your money with 24/7 support.

Instant Cashout

Our powerful processing system gets things done in real-time and facilitates easy & instant cashout.

Fast service

How To Receive Money Works

JME Remit provides efficient and convenient system to send and receive money anywhere with high security & ensuring reliability. We have the fastest and secure money transferring system that can deliver cash in real-time.


Once you reach the remit, at counter you will be asked to provide your personal information and identification. Along with that, most important thing is the “code” that your sender gave you in order to receive money.
The code is very vital during the transaction and must be kept confidential.


Once the remit confirmed your identification and verity code, you will get money that has been sent to you.
There are various ways that you can receive money: Bank deposit, Cash pickup, and Mobile wallet.

Access your money anytime, anywhere in the world

JME Remit is provides efficient and powerful system to send and receive money worldwide. We have the largest payment networks that cover all cities, towns, and villages in Nepal. We have the fastest and secure money transferring system that can deliver cash in real-time. We not only guarantee your cash delivery but also ensure the safety of your money. So, we have our strong and robust security system that provides reliable transfer of your money with safe and secure.

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Everything In One Place

If you own a company and would like to integrate international money transfers to the list of services you offer. We give the opportunity to do so by integrating our powerful "jemeremmit - MoneyTransfer API". You instantly can provide your clients with the ability to make this kind of transactions.

Pay with protection

JME Remit keeps your personal details secure. Our Resolution Center is here to help if you have any problems with your transactions.

Low fees and excellent rates

A real win-win situation when you send money.

Send Money in Minutes

Using your credit or debit card, funds sent will typically arrive 10 minutes after the transfer is sent.

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A wide range of clients across the Australia and Nepal validate our success. Here are some thoughts they we’re nice enough to share with us and the rest of the world.